Dog Health Plans

We offer comprehensive preventative care for your dog

  • One free consultation
  • Yearly health check and annual vaccination
  • Kennel cough vaccination at 50%
  • A year’s supply of flea control
  • A year’s supply of worming control including lung worm
  • Microchip (if applicable)
  • Clip nails /empty anal glands if applicable by a nurse twice a year
  • A six monthly vet health check in between annual boosters
  • significant discounts on dental procedures and on going medications


Our Healthcare Plan is NOT insurance! We highly recommend for all pets to be insured!

  • Small (Under 10kg)- £15 per month
  • Medium (10kg – 25kg)- £17 per month
  • Large (25kg – 40kg)- £18 per month
  • XL (Over 40kg) – £25 per month