Our Nurse Clinics are to help you provide the best possible life for your pet

At the Marshalswick veterinary surgery we have team of qualified veterinary nurses who are capable of providing you with the right help, skills and knowledge required to successfully raise an animal. The clinics are run by our nurses who have a wealth of experience working with both young and old pets, and all those in between.

Puppy/Kitten Checks
Our nurses love meeting new family members and can give you lots of advice and support to ensure they settle into their new home with ease and that all their health and welfare needs are met.
One to one socialisation chats
Good socialisation opportunities and first experiences are very important, especially in their first 16 week of life. Chat to our nurses about ways to help your pet work positively through a programme of experiences and social circumstances.
Nail Clip/Care
It is important to monitor your pet's feet for wounds and nail health whatever the species. Our nurses are available on hand for advice on nail care and to clip the nails if necessary.
Pre Operative Checks
Before undergoing any operation under sedation or anaesthetic it is very important we assess your pets health status. Our nurses are fully trained to carry out pre operative check for routine operations such as neutering in young animals.
Post Operative Checks
After any anaesthetic it is important to assess your pet is recovering well, eating, drinking and toileting normally. Preventing wound breakdown or infection aids swift recovery. We can assess pain and ease discomfort by rectifying any emerging problems sooner rather than later.
Removal of stitches. Wound management.
All our nurses are fully trained to remove your animals stitches or staples – you will be advised on collection of your pet of which type has been used and when they will need removing. Wound management will also be discussed with our nurses.
Anal Gland Expression
Anal glands allow animals to mark their territory scent and are normally expressed naturally every time your pet defecates. Some animals, at some point in their life, may have trouble with these glands becoming blocked causing pain and discomfort for your pet. Our nurses are experienced in resolving this issue.
Flea & Worming Checks
Parasites are a very common problem which you will be affected by at some stage in your pets life if prophylactic measures are not taken. Prevention is so much easier than curing the emotional and distressing effects of a parasitic infection.
Weight Clinics
Similar to human meetings, our weight clinics help us record, monitor and amend your pets weight. These sessions allow you to work with our nurses to create personalised diet plans for your pet.
Nutrition Advice
We have an extensive range of pet food and can provide nutritional advice on any topic ranging from life stages to specific dietary needs. What we don’t stock we can usually order within 48 hours.
Senior wellness
Some extra TLC for our golden oldies… Unfortunately like us, animals are more likely to develop health problems as they become older, so from the age of 7 we can offer you more frequent health checks to preserve and enhance the quality of life for our older pets entering their twilight years.
Adolescent Checks
At the age of 6 months your pet will receive an invite to attend this appointment for a general well being check of your pet.
Blood Pressure Monitoring
Assessing blood pressure is a useful measurement to help assess the cardiovascular status of a pet during an anaesthetic and as they get older. Our nurses regularly monitor this during operations with the veterinary surgeon, as well as in older patients or those with certain medical conditions.